Magruder High School is pleased to announce their 2018 Hall of Fame induction class.  This induction class marks a major change for the Magruder Athletic Hall of Fame as the inductions will now held every five years with much larger induction classes.  Previously the HOF had annual inductions that included between 3-5 people.  In an effort to make the “event” a larger celebration, the induction classes will be much larger and take place every five years. Questions about the Magruder Athletic Hall of Fame should be sent directly to our Athletic Specialist, Silas Cheung.

Magruder HOF Nominations

To see the current members of the Magruder Athletic Hall of Fame, their year of induction and brief reason for induction, please visit our “Induction Page“.  This page will eventually include pictures of the plaques for each individual that are hanging in the MHS Athletic Hall of Fame outside the Main Gym.

Football Members of the Magruder Hall of Fame


Roy Lester          Charles “Chuck” Karr          Andrew Sidorick


Mark Ridgway ’77          Milt Thompson ’77          James Fuller ’80          Richie Harris ’80

Tommy Neal ’83           Shawn Prather ’85          Mike Blake ’85          Brian Lee ’87

Charles Deveraux ’88          Ken Oseneek ’89          Dan Hellie ’93         Daryl Wilbanks ’93

Reggie Smith ’03